Mr. C. Isengard talked me into doing this one. It’s like a retro-repro-outro-newtro artifact. It’s not a real freak show banner. That would be like 8 or 10 feet tall & at least half as wide; this is a piece of canvas from Mo’s old patio furniture, it’s like 14″ x 34″. There’s nothing human or human-relatable scalewise (you know, like a dollar bill or something) in there to give you a sense of scale.

I actually have done some freak show banners, a long time ago. If if doesn’t say it’s “Alive”, then it’s dead; it’ll say “Real”. It’s in a jar. Like the 2-headed baby. They called that a “pickled punk show”.

So this is like an inaccurate historical re-creation, or a faint echo thereof. You know, like Johnnie Rocket’s. Or the Stock Exchange.