Finally finished Fergie’s trailer. Nobody knew it wasn’t done. Had to do the rendering, shadows & highlights on all the balloons as well as throw a few more balloons on. & the flying saucers. Oh & look, Cherry showed up for some reason & look, there’s Ellie Dee on the other side!

There’s like a narrative here: those 3 balloons in a row on both sides are, or were all itsa Touchie Subject, first there was that small one, then there was a bigger one that looked just like it, now there is a bigger one than that that doesn’t look at all like the others. The other balloons are those of his friends. That blue & white one with the metal basket on the starboard side is the balloon of the guy who taught Fergie to fly. The 5th Dimension, on the door there, was a little one that was owned &/or flown by several of the guys in this community; it was my son Zerek’s first balloon. I had to explain to them why it was called the 5th Dimension. Most of the rest of them are former & current members of the Viking Clan, known for being crazy & also helping improve Balloon Fiesta park. The Sandias are literally Fergie’s old stomping grounds; he did search & rescue there for years.

Most folks if they’re gonna decorate their trailer, want just a picture of their balloon as big as possible. Fergie had to have all of his friends’ balloons on there & his not too big. That’s how he is.