This just presented itself as I was coming home in the middle of the day. This will have to be one of my “32 or so views of Watermelon Mountain”. I should have grabbed my real camera; had it with, didn’t think had time, so got this funky shot with the piece of shit for a camera in my cursed iPhone 6, so one can’t read the sign saying “We buy houses for cash” over the head of a homeless person who is apparently being impaled by a brand new light pole. Was going to crop it, but & the composition is just right just like that. She’s got this futuristic cart, the very symbol of overamped consumerism, with everything she owns in it, although we don’t know that she doesn’t have a storage unit somewhere crammed with consumer goods, but & that’s unkind, what a jerk (mois).

But & I’m supposed to be getting a page done, it’s Sunday, updates are on Sunday, but & I’m doing this artsy-fartsy shit instead of being productively creative (or is it creatively productive?), but & I’m (yeah, me) required to post something, anything, every god damned day those are the rules of social media, are they not? I know, it makes little difference at this point, nobody is following this, or reading it, but & if I just keep doing it/this regularly, routinely, religiously, followers & likes will come, precipitate out of the webiverse, & when I get enough likes, I’ll get a million dollars. That’s how it works now, here in the future. I’m not sure I want to live in a world where shit like that is considered normal.

& there it went, one day closer to death, & I didn’t change the world much, past the time when, not all that long ago, grampaw would have been left out in the snow. Oh, shut up & draw, asshole.