I did it wrong the first time; left off the gag, being lazy, so now I got this extra one w/o the ironic schtick. Want it? Go to the store at cherrycomix.com.

Redo of a drawing I did for somebody else in another place. Don’t even remember exactly whether I came up with that gag or if somebody fed it to me, but I’ll go ahead & take credit for it. Anyway, as far as injustices go, I’m not sure “cultural appropriation” warrants all that much hand-wringing. I mean we used to take the kids, stick them in the school &/or church & take their culture away, not to have it, to destroy it. This stuff may get tasteless, rude sometimes, but it mostly is honoring, celebrating, acknowledging Indian culture, clumsily maybe, but there are real bad things, injustices being done to the Native American Indian; getting all upset about dim-witted people’s silly Halloween costumes seems like a waste of energy.