Wow, that was/is a non-climactic event, the Election, it went/is going the way the whole year has gone, a slow-motion train wreck that keeps twisting, groaning under the building pressure of the passion, the power of intent, spewing flaming oil & dropping pieces of broken machinery, but the concluding cataclysmic explosion never comes, so never ends. Once the boiler blows, in a train wreck, the wreck is over, stillness & calm & ash & fallout dust settle over the crater of carnage as responders pick their way carefully through the now motionless & cooling wreckage, over the broken bleeding carcasses, looking for signs of life &/or clues to what the fuck happened here. No, we don’t get that kind of conclusion where the one knight nocks the other one off his horse & he goes ass over teakettle down into the dirt of the playing field. No, we get this; watching CNN as the numbers keep not changing, has he won yet? Has he really won? Have the Republicans’ collective heads exploded yet? Are the Proud Boys running wild in the streets mowing down mothers nursing their babies yet? No, apparently they are fighting with each other about just how to be stupid fucking dicks.