Albuquerque & Mt. Taylor, the remnants of a huge volcano,
the highest thing in New Mexico
Rocks getting off a mountain
Rocks having sex

Sometimes on Sundays I like to take a one or two mile walk in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains communing & commingling with the wildlife rocks bushes & cactus.

It is or at least becomes at moments ecstatic meditation always drifting back to grumbling about something that annoys me like people who are in that cult of that piece of shit in the White House what I would say to one of them what I would ask… & flick back into Here & Now the air is really clear here you can see Mount Taylor clearly what’s that other mountain over here? It looks bigger ‘cause it’s closer.

Something about Time those mountains are rising up those rocks are tumbling down the sides of the upthrusting hills the process of sculpting reshaping is going on we can’t see it because it’s operating in a different time frame we are these little buzzing gnats scurrying around making little piles of sticks & stones just flickering out in between the actual movements of the living land.