November 20

Been traveling through time & space for 72 revolutions of Mother Earth around Father Sun now. My line is “I didn’t think I was gonna live past the age of 30, that was gonna be so old, thought I would just go up in a puff of smoke or something, so I didn’t make any plans…” 72. That’s 6 dozen. 6 feet in inches I’m only 5’ 10.5”.

November 22 Assassination Day

Took a 13 mile bike ride yesterday. 13 miles is a big deal when one is as old of a fart as this guy is. Got up to 20 miles per hour going downhill. 20 mph is hauling ass on a bike, really fast. But in the left lane of I40, 70 mph is really slow, obstructing traffic, get out of the way, boomer.

Septuagenarian. Never thought I was going to be one of those. What a weird word. Didn’t really know exactly how to spell it, I never spell anything wrong, got this one wrong had to look it up (Google it), the U & the A are in a strange order & why are they there at all? It should just be an E.