5finity Productions (the folks who do Zombies vs Cheerleaders) is doing a couple of books of Cherry pinups done by artists other than myself, but I have to do the covers. Started out this one trying to do a Wally Wood style space ship interior with the big porthole window that’s now heart-shaped. His space ships were based on WWII bombers, so I thought I would update it a little, being as how there are actual space ships now, did the Google image search for the ISS, all these astronauts are sitting, OK, floating, around in shorts & T shirts, I’ve got Cherry in her space suit inside the station, so I took off her helmet & jetpack, let her hair loose. Wonder what she’s planning on doing with that monkey wrench. Someone else is doing the color, I’m still learning digital painting & I can’t run the current version of Adobe Photoshop (or any of the apps in Adobe Creative Cloud that I’m paying all this money for) on this Mac; it’s so old. Fuck Steve Jobs. Fuck Adobe.