OK, this is it; I’m actually doing it, a god-damned webcomic. Really. We’ll be getting underway any moment now. This is not it yet, this is only a test (had it been an actual emergency, you would have been instructed where to tune to: 640 or 1240 on your AM radio dial ((that’s a 50s joke))). This was going to be the first page of the epic graphic novel I have in mind, but I changed it, my mind that is, I have a much better idea. I know, the website is not even put together yet; I’m going to make it better as I go. Everything. It will all get better. Cue the inspirational, affirmative song & dance number… Naah, I don’t do that shit.

My work habits are atrocious, I draw slowly & indecisively, I’m mostly analog, but I’m taking off, working without a net, flinging myself heroically into the Void, to fight the Forces of Evil.

Stand by. Not too close, though.

Larry Welz, creator