This is what I did instead of comics last week. Bridesmaid wineglasses. It’s a thing. They are usually done more cartoony, with acrylic enamels (enamel just means it dries hard & glossy). I used 1-Shot sign-painting oil-based lettering enamels, the stuff I used to paint the fronts of funhouses, mirror mazes, & darkrides for over 30 years. I printed out their selfies, stuck them inside the glasses, & traced them. I’m used to painting girls ten feet tall, so their faces are like a foot & a half (18″). These faces are 2 inches high. It was challenging; I had to break out the frog-hair brushes. I do know how to work that stuff, but/& it was not easy. But by golly, they actually look like them. Reportedly, they all wept with joy upon seeing the finished product. What can I say? I have my moments, & no, I’m not looking to do any more of them. I won’t do your dog either.