Yeah, well, I didn’t put anything up yesterday, on Easter, I do my drawing & stuff in a little space 6 miles from the house we’re living in & I usually take Sundays off & stay home, especially that Sunday, being Easter, not that we were celebrating a religious holiday, ’cause it’s not, of course, Easter was celebrated for thousands of years before there was a Christian church & somehow rabbits became associated with Ostara the Goddess of Spring the Bringer of Light, but it’s actually a hare which is different from a rabbit, cottontail bunnies are rabbits, jackrabbits are hares, which are often depicted in some old stories as tricksters, mischief makers, Bugs Bunny is a hare (he should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque). So the story goes that a little bird was left & forgotten by Ostara, almost died in the snow but Ostara finally returned & revived the little bird, who was so happy & grateful that it sang her praises all around, so Ostara for some reason turned it into a hare that could lay eggs, being still part bird, so it did that, laid eggs all around in the fresh grass that had just grown out of the now warm, well-lit ground. Then it split, leaving the children to discover the evidence of her passing through, so it must have been a she, it laid eggs, right? Guess they didn’t get fertilized; none of them ever hatch, do they? So is the Easter (not)Bunny immortal like Santa Claus, or do some of the eggs, the ones that don’t get found, hatch & bring forth a new generation like the New Year? Anyway, if jackrabbits are hares, then out here in the Wild West it must be the Easter Jackalope.