Just a concept doodle for a Cherry Earth Day piece. The idea was that she’s sitting in the Earth, her ass is stuffed into the rich, moist, fertile soil; oh & she should have flowers all around her; oh, & it’s Earth Day, so there’s trees, & grass growing out of the dirt she’s in, & mushrooms of course. Great, now it looks like she’s sitting in a pile of shit. Oh, & animals, shit, has to be some animals, just throw some in, let’s see, stick a gorilla face in the bushes here, gotta have some birds in the trees, well then we need a roadrunner (Roadrunners are badass; they kill & eat rattlesnakes; they really are living dinosaurs). What is that, a squirrel, or just a cat? Oh, & gotta have an elephant, there’s enough space over there to stuff in an elephant’s face. Gotta have an invertebrate, spiders are this guy’s primal fear, but they’re actually our friends, so… aww, the web should be white, crap, this whiteout doesn’t go on very smoothly, probably should do the white digitally, oh, fuck that, it’s a cartoon. Playing around with, practicing digital coloring (can’t really call it painting), so it’s not finished off at all, it’s not a piece, just a study. So I put it off long enough that I missed my chance to do a stunning, inspiring masterpiece for the whole world on Earth Day. Sigh. Oh well.

Doesn’t feel right to say “Happy Earth Day”, should be more like “Do something good on Earth Day & happiness will ensue”. Right?