Oo, lookit all the new characters! They got names! Wait, is that Johnny Fuckerfaster from before? Not really, this is Johnny Johnson, the same character, but in this universe he was born 18 years later. & is that Winston Princeton? Similar deal; same character, but he’s being played by a different guy. Lookit the diversity! Yeah, well, it is 18 years later on. I know, now I have to have a Hispanic friend, a gay friend, a Muslim friend, a Native American friend… Right? Oh, wait, I’m a straight old white guy, not qualified or authorized (well I am the author) to deal with such subjects, that would be Cultural Appropriation or some such forbidden thing. I don’t think I can win here, but it’s my job to mock popular culture, so I have to be inclusive; invoke inclusivityness, right? It is what it is, but it is also what it isn’t. Obviously.

Anyway, Ellie, Patty & Lola, the girls from the year 2,000, have no idea what these guys are talking about. They’ve missed it.